Ann Voelkerling – taking on new challenges

Ann Voelkerling – taking on new challenges

Ann Voelkerling, you are back at Tele2 after an almost two-year leave of absence living in Hong Kong. Upon your return you got the chance to take on a new exciting challenge and today your role is ‘Manager Business & CO Solutions’ in the Group IT organization. Tell us a little bit about your background.

– I studied Business Administration at Lund University and wrote my thesis on establishing businesses in Lithuania. From there I was offered a position as a trainee for BE Group in 1997 and after a year I got the opportunity to build their first central marketing initiative, consolidating the offers to partners and customers. After leaving the steel industry I chose to work in the manufacturing industry within packaging, product safety, project management, business process management and global quality analysis.

You joined Tele2 in 2009?

– Yes, I joined as a Process Manager for Tele2 Sweden, which was a very challenging and rewarding role. Rewarding in the sense that I got my assignments from the business leaders, who valued my contribution and challenging because I had to empower change with limited mandate. With an urge to make even more use of my managerial skills, I applied for a role as manager within network and IT. Tele2 is not only a challenger to its competition, but also a challenger willing to take chances internally, giving people new opportunities. If you show drive and commitment to make a difference, you will be offered to grow further within the company.

Can you share some details about what you do in your new role?

I am the manager of Business & Customer Operation Solutions and we are the ones providing centralized solutions to enable the Tele2 Customer Operations daily work, as well as the platform and service operations entity of our new global M2M delivery. We are also, among other things, responsible for systems handling phone numbers and SIM-cards.

What makes you look forward to go to work every day?

– The Tele2 family – my great colleagues. It is imperative to have fun at work and most of us actually spend the prime hours of the day at work! I love being a part of a team that provides the solutions, enabling the rest of the Tele2 group to conduct their daily work in a smoother manner. I have been fortunate enough to meet and lead great teams and we have achieved great things together.

What do you like to do in your free time?

– I love cooking, hiking and travelling with family and friends. In January I went on a road trip with my mother exploring the southern island of New Zealand, driving through the magnificent landscape of beautiful fjords, glaciers, mountains and plains with sheep and cattle. Later, in March, I experienced Japan with my husband and two daughters. Kyoto was my favorite city, but I definitely recommend a visit to the early bird tuna auction at Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo, followed by a divine fresh sushi breakfast!