Anne Berlin – from trainee to M2M

Anne Berlin – from trainee to M2M

Anne Berlin started at Tele2 as an Executive Trainee in 2015 and 12 months later she joined the M2M team as a Customer Service Manager. “The trainee year was fantastic and extremely intense. I learned so much more than I had ever imagined, and at the end of the year I was eager to take what I learnt and put it into practice. I was ready for the next challenge!”

You have recently joined the M2M team at Tele2, a part of the business that works with solutions in the rapidly growing area of machine-to-machine communication. What made you decide to take a job in this particular area?

– M2M is a highly dynamic area and very much in focus at Tele2. I thought it would be an exciting challenge to get on board this early on in the process and to join a team that is building a business from the ground up.

So was it an easy choice?

– No, not at all! Deciding what to take on after the traineeship ended was perhaps the toughest task of the whole year. There are so many exciting things going on all over Tele2, and if it had been possible I would have cloned myself to take them all on simultaneously.

– In the end, I went for the job was the furthest outside of my comfort zone. I don’t have a technical background and have never had a role this close to the customer before. I knew that I wouldn’t be quite comfortable with the nomenclature or the solutions. In other words, I chose a job were I knew I’d continue to build on the steep learning curve I’d come to love over the past year.

So, basically you chose the job that you knew the least about… It seems like you like learning new things. Is that primarily a work thing?

– It is definitely something that also defines me outside of work. Take my dog for example. Most people might like to have a dog just for its own sake. But I love challenging her and myself in learning new things, and we are currently competing with the goal to one day win first place in an elite competition. We are far from achieving it today, but if we were close I would probably set another goal.

Can you tell us a little bit about what a Customer Service Manager does?

– As the title suggests I serve a number of our largest customers and make sure that they are happy with the service they get. I also have a number of other responsibilities, such as being the product manager for invoicing at M2M.

– And, of course, it is also the typical Tele2 job where you get to try a bit of everything if you want to. Like a couple of weeks ago when I dove down into a big sales process, getting some front-line experience of what it takes to put a big offer together.

Did you feel that the trainee position has prepared you for this new role?

– I’m making use of what I learnt last year every single day. Being a trainee at Tele2 provided me with a bird’s eye view of the business, an extensive internal network and it taught me a lot about my own capacity. So in a sense it has prepared me for just about anything!