Christian Seglert – manages M2M processes

Christian Seglert – manages M2M processes

Christian Seglert started at Tele2 in 2011 as a customer project manager. Today he is responsible for the processes in the central M2M organization.

– I studied engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and felt that it would be exciting to work in the Telecom field. I applied to the Tele2 trainee program, got far in the process, but didn’t get one of the sought after spots. But since I got to know a number of people at Tele2 during the application process I was contacted about a different job opening a few months later.

And you started at Tele2 in 2011 as a Customer Project Manager.

Yes, and in that role I got to work with complex customer implementations. Going forward I got the chance to manage internal technical projects, which later led me to quality project management where I scrutinized our internal business processes: How we sell our products, deliver them etc.

So when Tele2 launched its M2M initiative a year and a half ago you had the appropriate background to develop the processes in that organization.

– I became a part of the launch of the M2M business area and as of a couple of months back I work solely with M2M. My job is about getting all of the processes running smoothly so that we can deliver a high quality M2M solution to our customers. This involves everything from sales and delivery, to invoicing and technical support. M2M is like a business within the business and in order to do my job well I need to know about everything from finance, legal to sales. It’s fun and challenging and I get a chance to interface with a lot of different departments at Tele2.

In your role you have to maintain both a local and a central perspective.

– Yes, and that adds some complexity to the processes I work with. With the help of our existing sales forces in our local organizations we are able to reach a lot of customers. However, as the delivery is central this requires great focus on the quality of the interfaces between the countries and the central M2M organization.

It seems you have had a great many jobs since you started at Tele2 in 2011.

– I have moved around quite a bit in the organization but that’s the life of a project manager. You get a great chance to see a lot of the company and for me I’ve also had the chance to see a number of our different countries. It provided me with the right experience to get a chance to take the job that I have now.

You also like to stay busy in your free time.

– I am a person who likes to get involved and always looks for a new challenge. During my years at university I got involved quite a bit with the student union, organizing thins like our career fair as well as the after party to the Nobel Banquet. Looking back at the years in school I feel that the activities that I did outside of school were just as educational as the classes.