Emilija Frew – optimizes the digital experience

Emilija Frew – optimizes the digital experience

Emilija Frew is a Lithuanian native who travelled abroad as a teen. Today she is the Global Head of Online and is still looking to expand the world by optimizing the Tele2 digital experience.

Emilija, tell us a little about your background?

– I was born in Lithuania and always felt that I wanted to explore the world. At 16 I won a scholarship that made it possible for me to attend a Red Cross Nordic United World College in Norway where I completed the International Baccalaureate. I am one of those people who believe in making things happen. If you want something badly enough there is always a way.

And following your high school graduation you moved on to a new country?

– Yes, I went to London to study film and at the same time as I was working towards my degree I worked at a start-up that was making online videos. Since it was a small company I got to experience a lot of different roles and created the overall digital presence; from video editing, content optimization, to advertising and CMS building. After that I joined Telegraph Media Group as Audience Optimization Executive.

How come you decided to join Tele2?

I was approached by Director of Online for the group at one of the digital conferences in London. First of all, it seemed like an interesting opportunity, but I also felt that the Tele2 values were a good match to my personal beliefs, particularly the “challenge “one. After meeting all the online people and having the privilege of working with them for the last three years I am confident that I made a right decision.

Can you describe what you do in you role as Global Head of Online?

– My job is to help the countries improve their digital efforts from online marketing to e-care and apps. In the bigger countries I primarily work on a strategic level but in the smaller markets, with smaller organizations, I like to help in more operational areas as well. The purpose of what I do is to provide our customers with the best possible online experience in a cost efficient manner, and to make sure that digital expenditure and investments that we make benefit both our customers and us. I am also always on the lookout for any new technologies or start ups, so Tele2 could have better advantage against the competition.

You also have a passionate interest in digital start-ups?

– Very much so, and I am involved in the start-up communities in Europe, Middle East and USA. I am also a member of several professional organizations and communities. It is always good to know what’s coming up in the digital space so we are prepared for the future.