Jarich Nooitgedagt – International career and broadened horizons

Jarich Nooitgedagt – International career and broadened horizons

Jarich Nooitgedagt started his career as a Junior Controller at the Tele2 office in the Netherlands. Today he works at the office in Kista, Sweden as a Business Controller for Group Product management. He feels that living abroad is a great learning experience that it has broadened his view and added a dimension to his work.

Tell us about your professional background.

– I started at Tele2 Netherlands five years ago as a Junior Controller right after I finished college. It was a very dynamic environment with a lot of young people and after two years I got the chance to extend my responsibilities to forecasting, planning and control.

How come you decided to pursue an international career?

– A colleague of mine recommended me to a position at Group Business Control. I thought it sounded like a great opportunity, so I applied, got the job and started in the fall of 2013.

Tell us about your job.

– I am a Business Controller for Group product management and for the M2M business unit. One of the things I do on a regular basis is to create business cases to evaluate different commercial opportunities on as many of our markets as possible. I also report back to my manager and give her insights on how the countries are progressing.

What do you think is the most interesting thing about working abroad?

I really enjoy exploring new cultures and there are greater differences between Sweden and the Netherlands than I expected. Moving to a different country has also made me more humble. It can be hard work to adapt and this experience has made me feel a great deal respect for the immigrants around the world.

Tell us about the team at the central function at Tele2.

– It’s truly a multicultural group and I now have friends from all around the world. It’s been interesting to learn that people who were born in different places still can share a lot of the same interests and have experienced a lot of the same things growing up.

What do you do in your free time?

– Sailing is one of my passions, and this summer I sailed from the Netherlands to Stockholm. I consider myself an outdoors person and I do a lot of biking and running. It’s great to cruise around on the bike during the summer and explore Stockholm.