Kim Leandersson GM at Tele2s Shared Service Center in Riga

Kim Leandersson GM at Tele2s Shared Service Center in Riga

Kim Leandersson started as a trainee at Tele2 in 2008. Today he is the General Manager at the rapidly growing Shared Service Center in Riga.

You studied electrical engineering at Chalmers University and enjoyed campus life so much that you even started your professional career there.

– The student unions in Gothenburg owned a health care service and a gym and I worked as a managing director for them and did some restructuring. Around the time when I felt that I knew the ropes in academia I met a couple of Tele2 representatives at a job fair who told me about the trainee program.

What made you decide to apply?

Tele2 sounded like an interesting company and a trainee position provides you with a good overview of the business. A big plus for me was the fact that Tele2 is a part of the Kinnevik Group; leaving academia for Stenbeck felt perfect. My initial plan was to move back to Gothenburg after the trainee period was up, but things didn’t exactly turn out the way I planned.

So what did you end up doing after your time as a trainee?

– I have had a number of different jobs within the IT-area but the one position I stayed at the longest was as Group manager for the CRM system used in the different Tele2 countries. About a year ago I was asked if I could be General Manager for our Shared Service Center in Riga.

Can you tell us about the Shared Service Center.

– When we started back in 2004 there was only support and operations, and today we are delivering IT-services, such as customer billing services, to all Tele2 countries. We’re all about generating economies of scale for Tele2 as a whole and for the past few years we have been growing at a rapid pace. Today we are close to 500 people and we have almost doubled in a year.

–  The development of the Shared Service center means that we are recruiting people with different skills today than before and one of our priorities right now is to become more visible at universities. Although Tele2 is a well-known brand in Latvia, students have a limited view of the career options, and most of them think that working at Tele2 is synonymous with selling phones in a store. We have to make it known that people with the right attitude can have a great career at Tele2.

Your initial plan was to move back to Gothenburg, but instead you left Stockholm for Riga.

– I have actually lived here for the past three years as one of my previous roles in IT was based in Riga. For now this is home, but you never know what happens in the future.