Malin Holmberg – Managing Director in Croatia

Malin Holmberg – Managing Director in Croatia

Malin Holmberg, you are the Managing Director at Tele2 in Croatia. Tell us a little about your background.

”After I got my degree from the Stockholm School of Economics I started working in the finance sector, serving my customers with trading and investment advise. After a while I felt that I wanted to work closer to other people and spent a few years as a management consultant in Stockholm, Paris and in London.”

You got your MBA from the prestigious business school Insead in 2000.

”Yes, and thereafter I joined Vodafone in a London based role as Group Strategy Executive. Over the course of the next few years I held a number of business development oriented positions and got to know the telecom industry really well.”

And in 2009 you got a job offer from Tele2 and moved back to Sweden after 10 years abroad.

”Anders Olsson, who at the time was Commercial Executive, offered me the Group Product Manager position and the timing was just right for me. I felt it would be a great challenge to have a more operative role and the entrepreneurial culture at Tele2 appealed to me.”

In 2012 you got a new job offer abroad, this time as the Managing Director for Tele2 in Croatia. What made it an offer you couldn’t refuse?

”First and foremost because it was a great challenge as the objective was to turn the business around. I knew that the job would be about cutting costs, increasing the quality and to grow the customer base, but it would also entail a lot more. In order to be successful I knew that I would have to set a strategy and to set goals that would truly motivate the employees.”

Is it different to do business in Croatia compared to in Sweden?

”In Sweden, communication tends to be open and direct. In Croatia the human aspects are much more significant. It’s important to understand how people really feel and motivating them takes a greater emotional involvement.”

Do you have something personal that you can share with us? A hidden talent perhaps?

”I am quite a good singer and as I have moved to different countries in the world I have made sure that I have always had access to a piano. When I was younger I sang Verdi and Puccini but today I primarily have power ballads on the repertoire.”

Is this something that your colleagues know about?

”A few years back I sang at a Christmas party and people got really surprised. Recently I did a follow up performance when we celebrated Tele2’s 10-year anniversary in Croatia. Our marketing manager had decided on a Eurovision theme for the party and thought it would be perfect to open the festivities with me singing Loreen’s song Euphoria. It was really fun and raised some eyebrows among the partners and customers who were there.”