Executive Trainee

Executive Trainee

Tele2’s Executive Trainee Program is a career expressway – but only for the best and the brightest. We look for trainees who can help us remain the challengers we always have been.

The company that confronts monopolies, challenges outdated business models and rewrites the rules. Every day.

That’s not easy. Which is why our trainee programme is not for just anyone. To succeed, you need to think fast and move fast. Take bold initiatives and never hesitate to challenge anything or anyone to see them through.
 Not even your boss.

As one of few chosen for the programme, you’ll spend a year in Stockholm. There, you’ll work closely with – and be mentored by – a top Tele2 executive. And you’ll assist with his or her daily endeavours.

The hours will be long, the pace gruelling and the expectations sky-high. But there are rewards. The right participants take on top executive jobs very quickly – either at Tele2 or with the expanding Kinnevik Group.