Helena Lingham – working with everything from advanced technology to legal changes

Helena Lingham – working with everything from advanced technology to legal changes

Helena is one of the most experienced Project Managers of Shared Operations. She has had various assignments within advanced technology to legal changes.

You have been working at Tele2 for a while, what are you most proud of having been part of?

It’s hard to choose, however being part of Sweden’s first public Internet Swipnet is something I feel very proud of. We launched Connect2Internet dial-up service in Sweden 1994 and thereafter in other Tele2 countries.

Can you mention any other projects during your time here?

Another great project was when the European Union invented a law against bill chock due to roaming. All of sudden we got a very tight schedule from the regulators, and neither the maturity of the technology nor the time given was enough. But with the typical Tele2 attitude and willingness to challenge we managed to be ready when the law took effect.

I have also been part of several development projects such as TV and video on demand (VOD) mobile app, buckets for prepaid customers, self-service portals etcetera.

What are you working on at the moment?

Currently I am program manager for the Customer Operations part of the Challenger Program. The Challenger Program is a transformation program that will make us leaner and more effective, ready for the challenges ahead. As this program is very much about changing how we work, and from where the work is done. Change Management is of course a focus area on top of the normal time planning, budget follow up, risk management and so forth.

What do you believe is your main strength as Project Manager?

I believe that no matter if you are a line manager or a project manager you need to be confident in yourself and your abilities. This is something you build up from education, experience, successes and mistakes both from work and outside your working place. I believe I gained a lot from my time competing with the world’s best curling athletes. Preparing for and leading a team in an Olympic game requires a lot of focus and determination.

In my view, some of the most important abilities for a Project manager, is to manage expectations and never become indifferent in anything you do. Always stay in control, on your toes and try to be one step ahead all the time.

At last, what do you believe is the best part of working as a Project Manager at Tele2?

I would say it is to be able to work across the organizations and get to know many different individuals. I have friends all over Tele2 from my previous assignments – that’s fun! Another thing is to have the possibility to constantly learn new things, even though I’ve been doing this for a while, I still learn! For example, most recently other countries’ labor laws.

Tele2 is also very special, being an employee at Tele2, you can always have your say and influence a lot. We are never satisfied and it’s always full speed ahead. I love it!