Fearless Employee Branding Specialist wanted.

Forget what you already know about us. That will always be yesterday’s Tele2. We change things – by challenging everything – every day. It may be the way people all over the world connect, work or socialize. Or it may be the way we ourselves work and operate here at Tele2. Change and challenge is in our DNA and has been since the day Tele2 was born. This takes fearlessness and courage. It takes a liberating and flexible workplace. And most important, it takes great people, with great potential, and the ability to work and develop in an ever-changing environment. People like you?


I need an Employee Branding Specialist to drive forward and be responsible for Employee Branding at my department Tele2 Way@Work.

We are doing some awesome things at Tele2 right now and we want the world to know.

When we moved into our brand-new office space a year ago, we went all in on an activity-based way of working.

It means great freedom in how we work and deliver, as well as vast individual flexibility in how we balance work life and private life.

Now we need your experience and bold ideas to plan the way ahead for our Employee Branding. Or– to sum things up – to make sure we attract and keep the very best people.

I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on how we can achieve this in the best possible way.

/Birgit Imponen