Ludvig Andén – back in Sweden after a year in the Netherlands

Ludvig Andén – back in Sweden after a year in the Netherlands

Earlier this year Ludvig Andén returned to Sweden after a year at Tele2 in the Netherlands.

– During my stay in the Netherlands I started in the online team as Business Owner for digital platforms and was later promoted to manager of the team. My goal was to improve our digital performance within both sales and service. It was an exciting challenge both work-wise and culturally. For me personally it was a great experience, Amsterdam is a great place to live, and I am also proud over the things I accomplished during my time there for example initiating the building of a mobile responsive website.

Now you are back in Sweden and work in an internal change project.

– My wife became pregnant during my time in the Netherlands so it was an easy decision to move back home. At that time Tele2 was just about to kick off ‘The Challenger Program’ and I was asked if I was interested in running the online part of it. In my new role I am evaluating how we operate online today and what we need to do to make a giant leap ahead. It’s about staying competitive today and at the same time preparing for being competitive in the future as well.

Among other things you are looking at how to put the vast amount of available data to work.

We have a lot of information about what our customers do that would give us a good clue as to how better meet their needs. If we start acting based on what the data tells us to a greater extent we can rely a little less on the gut feeling. I work hard to push us over the threshold of old habit and to implement tools and ways of working that will make us utilize data in a better way. Currently I am running a project focusing on this across all markets starting with the Netherlands and Sweden during 2015.

Aside from your knowledge or Tele2’s products and services and your sales and marketing know-how, what is the most useful tool to get your job done?

– I would say that listening and gaining the confidence of the people in the organization is absolutely imperative in this kind of role. It’s not hard to have a bunch of great ideas; the real challenge is to get a buy in from the people who will have to do things differently.

And what makes this job fun?

– The challenge of really turning things upside down – evaluating how we run online today and to design and implement a new, more efficient, way of running it tomorrow.