Robert Luciani – curiosity driven tech-adventurer

Robert Luciani – curiosity driven tech-adventurer

Robert Luciani, you work as a Technical Business Developer at Tele2 Group. Tell us a bit more about your background?

“I grew up in the US with a Swedish mother and an Italian father. After high-school I moved to Sweden and enrolled in the Foundations of Computation master’s program at Chalmers University in Gothenburg. Upon reaching the end of my studies I immediately joined Microsoft as a trainee and ended up working with cloud-scale computing and machine-learning.”

You joined Tele2 this January after five years at Microsoft. What made your new job as a technical developer seem like an exciting challenge?

The premise was, innovation and new growth as part of a strategy that has already been bought into by the leadership. It is very appealing to be able to work in the spirit of innovation without having to justify every single thought.

What’s your take on innovation?

“I think it comes in two types. In rare occasions you can have an epic moment of inspiration that leads to something revolutionary. For the most part though, innovation is a slow-moving and structured work ethic that centers on continuous transformation.

So on the one hand you have novel and top-of-mind products such as exercise-bands, self-driving cars, smart-homes, and drones; they’re all easy, especially in retrospect, to single out as innovative. On the other hand you have things like Big Data technology, which is definitely innovative, but not as “explosive” or glamorous. It will, nevertheless, generate a big business opportunity. For us as a telco there is a lot that we can add to all of these disruptive technologies that extends beyond mere connectivity. The team that I work in at Tele2 is meant to serve as a catalyst for both slow and fast innovation.”

Would you like to share something personal about yourself?

“I am very interested in mathematics, formal logic, and philosophy. I consider myself a Nihilist and spend a lot of my spare time reading and writing on these topics. I also write and perform a lot of music, and have been in two bands that have been signed by major labels. The music I write is most simply described as ‘metal’ since I use down-tuned 8-string electric guitars, but more specifically jazz-fusion because of my heavy emphasis on contemporary music-theory. My wife is a researcher at Linköping’s University and we have a 2-year-old son called Dante. He loves numbers and can count to 100 in English, Swedish, and Chinese!

What motivates you?

“Definitely my curiosity. When I work with science and technology I feel like an adventurer heading out into the unknown, mapping out hitherto uncharted worlds. I’ll leave you with a quote that I particularly enjoy:

“Let us create vessels and sails adjusted to the heavenly ether, and there will be plenty of people unafraid of the empty wastes. In the meantime, we shall prepare, for the brave sky-travelers, maps of the celestial bodies.”

– Johannes Kepler to Galileo, looking up at the stars c. 1610